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Child Caretaker

Child caregivers are also referred to as nannies or child minders. Their main responsibility is to provide for the needs of children while their parents or guardians are away from home. This includes feeding, bathing, dressing, and supervising them. Moreover, child caregivers are responsible for creating a safe, educational, and enjoyable environment for children so that they can thrive even without their parents present. Aside from providing children's basic needs, child caregivers may also teach children, read to them, play with them, and provide comfort when needed. They are also responsible for communicating with the children's parents to update them on their child's behavior during the day. Patience, physical fitness, and a genuine interest in caring for children are the most important qualities of a child caregiver. When it comes to formal requirements, on the other hand, a child caregiver must have at least a high school diploma or GED to qualify. Child Caregiver Responsibilities • Planning, implementing, and supervising structured, educational group activities. • Preparing, organizing, and supervising mealtimes and snacks with nutritional food selections. • Planning and supervising balanced routines that include physical activities, rest, and playtime. • Providing responsible care and maintaining all safety standards. • Ensuring a safe, sanitary, and orderly environment. • Maintaining professional and positive relationships with parents, children, and staff. • Notifying supervisors and parents of any signs of emotional or developmental issues. • Providing structure and accountability that is firm but compassionate. • Assisting children in the bathroom or with diapering tasks as needed. • Encouraging children to participate in all activities. Requirements and skills • Communication skills • Planning and instruction • Creative thinking • Decision-making skills • Problem-solving skills • Analytical skills • Compassion and empathy • Organizational skills • Leadership skills • Physical stamina SCOPES • Hospital • Homes • Schools • Day care centres • Aanganbadi COURSE DURATION – 6 MONTH HOUR ALLOTED – 360 HRS SYLLABUS 1. Introduction to domestic workers sector and child caretaker (non-clinical) 2. Child’s immediate environment and needs 3. Positive relationship with the child 4. Health, safe and secure environment for child 5. Hygiene and work etiquettes 6. Clean and secure working environment

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